Behind the Scenes 202003

A photoshoot from the month to showcase Dragon Papillon Photography boutique photography services. This month, the final photoshoot before lock down working on a social media campaign for a taxi company.

Feature shoot March 2020

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Behind the SCENES WITH Legion Cabs.

Type of Photoshoot :

Lifestyle for social media campaign

Assignment :

The global social media management agency, Curtis Gabriel, were working with Legion Cabs on a facebook marketing campaign. The initial brief was to provide a series of images showcasing Legion Cab services against iconic Sydney backdrops.

This project nearly did not happen and had been scheduled for an earlier date. Unfortunately there were delays in obtaining the proper permits for commercial photography along the Sydney foreshore, and then the rescheduled shoot had to be postponed due to inclement weather. Finally, the day arrives – permits were secured, cabbies and models were organised and briefed, the weather forecast was fair to middling and Sydney is hours from lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In many ways, all these factors worked well for the final photoshoot as we did not have to contend with so much traffic, the scenic backdrops allowed us to focus on the Legion Cab brand, and the weather gave us every season which gave us a variety to our images.

Highlight :

Since the photoshoot with Legion Cabs, everything has come to a stand still as the country nervously watches and waits in uncertain times.

As I do a stocktake of my dwindling supply of toilet paper, at least I know of one cabbie in the city that has a pack in the back of his cab which he may exchange for a litre of hand sanitiser in return.

Customer’s Experience :

On delivery of the edited files, my work was rated as 5 stars for image quality and 5 stars for customer service and I received this note on my emails:

I know, absolutely crazy times but I really appreciate you still heading out and getting some great shots! 

Thanks again and stay safe!”

Ben. (Director of North American Operations, Curtis Gabriel)

Across our various service platforms we have collected over 300 customer reviews with a 4.95 star rating average.

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