Behind the Scenes 202001

A photoshoot from the month to showcase Dragon Papillon Photography boutique photography services. This month, working on-site to product styled product images in the company’s distinctive style.

Feature shoot January 2020

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Behind the SCENES WITH My Cucumber.

This month, I was looking back over our assignment from 2019 and realised that there were many wonderful customers and amazing photoshoots that I did not have the chance to feature in Behind the Scenes. This is a look back to November 2019 with an on-site photoshoot with My Cucumber.

Type of Photoshoot :

Styled Product Images

Assignment :

I first collaborated with My Cucumber in July 2018 when they were about to launch their business and website. Since then we have worked together several times as the product range expands and grows. In November, it was time for the next instalment of nappy bikes; and to update the banner images for their website.

Highlight :

It is always a delight doing a photoshoot with the fun loving owners of My Cucumber. With years’ of experience working with similar products, I have learnt a thing or to about working with bears, the way you have to talk to them and the way you have to brush the hair out of their eyes with a paintbrush. I realised during this shoot that my repeat clients also learn a thing or two from me as they become familiar with my processes while on a photoshoot. With all these basic ingredients, a photoshoot can run smoothly.

Customer’s Experience :

Here is the message back from one of the owners when they received their finalised gallery of product images.

“Photos are amazing. Thank you so much xx”

Anna B.
Client Tips for Similar Assignments
  • There are many benefits from building a long term relationship with your photographer including shooting your products in a consistent manner, even if there are breaks of months between the photoshoots.
  • Simple compositions and angles allow for shooting consistently over time. Consistent looking images give your website a polished look and feel.
  • Having your own unique style for your product images helps to build brand recognition.

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