Behind the Scenes 201912

A photoshoot from the month to showcase Dragon Papillon Photography boutique photography services. This month, working in studio to create styled product images for client’s website and e-commerce store.

Feature shoot December 2019

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Type of Photoshoot :

Styled product images for website

Assignment :

This month we welcomed a new client, Shoshin Matcha Tea, to the Dragon Papillon Photography studio. Shoshin were requiring styled product images for their website and for printed marketing materials to distribute at trade shows.

Highlight :

Prior to the photoshoot, Shoshin had provided some reference images as to the style of images that they would like to have for their website. We photographed each product two different ways.

Special consideration had to be given to the light set up for these shots as the matcha tea tins were reflective, as were the logos on the product labels.

Customer’s Experience :

Post Script. In February 2020, Shoshin booked another photoshoot with us to add some products to their stable and required the shots to match the original photoshoot. This is what they had to say their email:

“The photos are working well, not that I can prove it but the site looks to be getting more repeat customers etc and more sales. I’m sure the photos are helping.”

John C. (Founder of Shoshin Matcha Tea)

Across our various service platforms we have collected over 300 customer reviews with a 4.95 star rating average.

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Author: Dragon Papillon Photography

Sydney based photographer offering commercial product photography, visual content for websites and social media, portrait and event photography services.

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