Behind the Scenes 201911

A photoshoot from the month to showcase Dragon Papillon Photography boutique photography services. This month, working in store with furniture retailer to deliver product and lifestyle images.

Feature shoot November 2019

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Behind the SCENES WITH Sapphire Wood.

Type of Photoshoot :

Product and Lifestyle shoot for new website

Assignment :

Some projects have a long gestation period, and that’s OK. I was so excited this month that the long awaited project with Sapphire Wood was given the green light. I initially met Sapphire Wood management back in October 2018. Due to a series of unplanned events, the company did not proceed with the project at that time. A year later we were finally in the store photographing the full range of Sapphire Wood furniture for their website.

Before the photoshoot, there was planning with the web developers regarding the image requirements for the new website which included both deep etched images on plain white background, lifestyle images, and styled product range shots in situ.

The photoshoot was over a number of days, conducted in store and during normal business hours. The logistics of managing the shoot and to avoid as little disruption to customers as possible was at times challenging.

Highlight :

The highlight of this photoshoot was the camaradarie established between all contributors to the project over the length of the photoshoot.

As a personal highlight, I was honoured that the store manager decided to name one of the chairs after my namesake.

Customer’s Experience :

Rob, the Marketing Project Manager for Sapphire Wood had this to say about the project :

“We recently needed to photograph over 200 furniture items and contacted Myra after reading some incredible reviews online. In a 3 day window, Myra took control of every aspect of a complex task within our shop that also involved models, and a separate video crew. Any anxieties held by management regarding the project were immediately dispelled. Everything went smoothly, the end results are spectacular, and the experienced models told me how great Myra was to work with, 11/10 and looking forward to working regularly with Myra as we launch new products. Highly recommend!”

Rob P.

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