Behind the Scenes 201909

A photoshoot from the month to showcase Dragon Papillon Photography boutique photography services. This month, childrens fashion and ghost mannequins.

Behind the SCENES WITH Fashion Playground.

Type of Photoshoot :

Ghosted mannequin photography

Assignment :

Fashion Playground is about to launch their brand with a gorgeous collection of children’s clothing. For the e-commerce site, they require ghosted images of about 350 items of clothing. Every spare nook and cranny Dragon Papillon is housing the clothing to be photographed and catalogued.

Highlight :

They say you should never work with children, however, I have also discovered that child ghost mannequins, dubbed Sally and Wally, don’t necessary listen to instructions either.

I truly apologise to Sally and Wally for ripping off your arms, twisting off your heads, and shoving rulers down your pants to get that shirt to sit just right.

Customer’s Experience :

I received this email from the owner of Fashion Playground on delivery of the first batch of retouched and deep etched images:

Spectacular!!!! They look amazing. Thank you very much.

Hakan B.
Tips for other clients with large volumes of product
  • If you are engaging a photographer to shoot a large volume of product, have a list of product codes and descriptions that can be used to check off images with product.
  • Ghost mannequins are a great way to consistently photograph clothing. Make sure the clothing size matches the size of the mannequin to be used for proper fit.
  • Note that styling clothing on ghost mannequins, particularly if there are a number of items that make up the ensemble, can be very time consuming.
  • As a service to my clients, I will code the images with the product code number or other agreed format to enable easy identification later on. Also very useful when reviewing images for any changes to editing, colour etc that may be required.

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