Behind the Scenes 201908

A photoshoot from the month to showcase Dragon Papillon Photography boutique photography services. This month, a major long term project with a whoesaler building a new website.

Feature shoot August 2019

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Type of Photoshoot :

Website product photography

Assignment :

After an initial trial, the Nettex project is full steam ahead. This will be a long term project with initially around 1000 samples of fabric swatches to be photographed and catalogued for the new Nettex website. A considerable investment by the company to upgrade their library of images.

In addition to the swatch catalogue, Nettex will also be advertising some of their products on the third party e-commerce site, Temple and Webster. A collection of e-commerce appropriate images will be required for these product ranges.

In the initial project stages, options are being trialled and experimented with to determine the best solutions to match the company’s requirements and expectations.

Highlight :

Like all major projects, the devil is in the detail and agreeing the processes and protocols for image creation, review and delivery. The most critical aspect of this project will be colour matching, consistency and accuracy.

Tips for clients in a similar situation:
  • If you have a large number of products to be photographed and the investment is considerable, trial a couple of photographers on a small paid project to sample their work, before deciding to hire for the major project.
  • There are alternative ways to creating lifestyle images that actually photographing the product “in-situ”, particularly when the cost of setting up shots like this for large number of products may be cost prohibitive.

Author: Dragon Papillon Photography

Sydney based photographer offering commercial product photography, visual content for websites and social media, portrait and event photography services.

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