Behind the Scenes 201907

A photoshoot from the month to showcase Dragon Papillon Photography boutique photography services. This month, collaborating with a Creative Marketing Agency for a digital advertising campaign.

Feature shoot July 2019

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Behind the SCENES WITH Colour Hide.

Type of Photoshoot :

Digital Media Campaign

Assignment :

Later this year, Colour Hide will be launching new products and colours in their stationery range. This month it was a delight to have the team from the creative marketing agency, McCorkell & Associates, in the studio to create some colour images for the Colour Hide Campaign.

Highlight :

In the weeks leading up to the photoshoot we worked closely with the team from McCorkell to finalise the brief for the photoshoot and provided recommendations on where to source appropriate props and backdrops for the photoshoot.

The highlight during the shoot was setting up the birds eye view for the flat lay with the model. It was time to pull out the horizontal bar and make sure everyone in the studio was clear about the safety protocols while working under horizontal bars and light stands.

Customer’s Experience :

Carter, the representative from McCorkell, gave us an official rating of 5 Stars for image quality and 5 stars for customer service.

Tips for similar clients :
  • Have a clear direction about your marketing objectives before the photoshoot and discuss mood boards and options with the photographer as to what is feasible before the photoshoot.
  • Collaborative planning before the photoshoot will resolve any potential creative differences and clarify expectations.
  • Vinyl backdrops are a great way to add colour to your flat lay photography, are relatively inexpensive, easy to clean and can always be used time and time again.

Across our various service platforms we have collected over 300 customer reviews with a 4.95 star rating average.

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