Behind the Scenes 202006

A photoshoot from the month to showcase Dragon Papillon Photography boutique photography services. This month, website photography for recruitment company, Yalagan Group.

Feature shoot June 2020

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Behind the SCENES WITH Yalagan Group

Type of Photoshoot :

Website and Social Media Photography

Assignment :

As the financial year closes, we were invited to the Yalagan Group to photograph a collection of images for the re-development of their website as well as for social media and publicity purposes. The Yalagan Group is an accredited, Indigenous owned and operated company specialising in Indigenous recruitment, personnel supply, mentoring and traineeships to the building, and civil construction industries.

The final gallery of images included staff portraits, behind the scenes in the office and in the community, plus cultural and local surrounds images to be used website fillers.

Highlight :

It is always amazing how quickly a half day shoot passes when the brief is to capture a diverse range of images. There is a general process of trust and rapport building when photographing actual employees going able their business, and to break down the barriers of shyness and self-consciousness of being photographed while at work. Only after this level of comfort has been achieved, is it possible to capture wonderfully natural and candid styled images that bring an authenticity to a company’s website and social media content. It did not take long for the Yalagan team to fully embrace the objectives of the photoshoot.

I am curious to find out which images the Yalagan Group will select to use on the refurbished website. I wish the team every success as they finalise the design and prepare to launch.

Tips for clients planning a photoshoot for their website

A couple of tips to get the best value from your website photography shoot.

  • prepare a full brief for the photographer. Yalagan did an excellent job of this providing some background to the company, a list of the locations and types of images required, an overview of the company values and what is important e.g. cultural identity, community support, team banter. All of these descriptors guide a photographer as to what to shoot and what to ignore on the day.
  • provide some reference images for the photographer.
  • provide technical specifications for the images in pixel size and aspect ratio. Aspect ratio (whether you need the images in a square format, or long narrow rectangular format or other) is important for the photographer to know, so they can compose images based on the end use requirements.
  • share the brief with the employees that are being asked to participate in the photoshoot; provide some additional guidelines to employees regarding what to wear on the day. In the case of Yalagan, they had organised new branded shirts for the team. This is a great way to ensure “product placement” and cement branding in your visual content.
  • allow sufficient time for the photoshoot. Your photographer will be able to guide you as to how much can be achieved within a certain timeframe.

Across our various service platforms we have collected over 300 customer reviews with a 4.95 star rating average.

Our collaboration starts here

Across our various service platforms we have collected over 300 customer reviews with a 4.95 star rating average.

Our collaboration starts here

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