Dragon Papillon is Back Online!

I am so excited to share that Dragon Papillon Photography is back online, with a brand new website. We have loads of resources in the pipeline for our existing and future customers. We will progressively publish those articles over the coming weeks.

Dragon Papillon Photography came into existence nearly 8 years ago (not sure where the time went). Over the years, there have been a few iterations of the business, and a few different websites. This latest version is our boldest yet, with more galleries to explore and resources to discover.

One of the advantages from the last few months in lockdown, has been the chance to seriously work “on the business” and not just “in the business”. As people say, builders never finish their own houses, plumbers never fix their own leaking taps, and I never seem to update my website with new images (although I have thousands of them). I was just happy to know that my customers were updating theirs with fresh and new images.

The last few months have been an interesting journey. To be honest, with the outbreak of COVID-19 and lockdown measures, my business has been on a ventilator. By the end of the first month, I was a breath away from deciding to sell all of my equipment, move back to a “normal” job and close the business. I asked someone very dear to me, how they kept staying passionate about what they do, even when the going gets tough – really, really tough. They said they just believe and continue to believe. I made some other rash decisions during those weeks, but I couldn’t quite call it quits for Dragon Papillon Photography.

May was a month for serious soul searching and reckoning. I picked up whatever photography work I could while questioning whether I should keep the business. I am not sure what changed – well that’s not entirely true. One day, one of my customers asked me to send the link to my website. For the first time in months, I actually sat down and looked at my website, truly looked at my website. All the things that had been in my head to update and change came surging up out of the darkness.

So, on the 3 June I started the project to migrate my website to a new platform. I am glad that I was spurned into action. The first page they recommend you write for your website is the “About You” page. By the time I had reworked that page, I remembered why I have poured so much energy and passion into this business. Trolling though the 12 terra bytes of archived images to put together galleries, taking time to think about my amazing customers – some who have supported me for many years, recalling different photoshoots, and how much I have learned since starting this business was actually what I needed to re-connect with my business and to feel positive about the future even though tough economic times are forecasted.

I am looking forward to taking Dragon Papillon Photography forward. As social distancing and other measures start to ease, I look forward to re-engaging with my existing clients; and to welcome new clients with an energised passion to Capture, Promote and Express.

Yeah! We are back online.

Visit our new website : dragonpapillon.com.

Now its time to get back to work 🙂